Dr. Francesco Sica


I am a professor and researcher in cryptography and mathematics.

My interests lie in public-key cryptography, more precisely in the implementation of curve-based cryptography and recently also the factorisation of integers.

About me

Article on Telegraph Journal on 6 October 2008 about SAC 2008 Conference

CBC Radio one Interview on 14 August about SAC 2008 Conference

RSA 2003 Academic Research Award (within the European

Information Security Awards) joint with all the NESSIE team members

Awards and International Recognition

Contact fracrypto(arobase)gm... dot com

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Professional Experience and Education

2012-: Assistant Professor at Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan.

2012: Visiting Professor at the University of Waterloo

2010-2011: Visiting Professor at the University of Calgary

2004-2009: Founding member of AceCrypt (Atlantic Centre of Excellence in Cryptographic Research)

2003-2009: Assistant Professor at Mount Allison University

2003: Visiting Professor at the Institute for Experimental Mathematics, Essen, Germany

2000--2003: Postdoctorate at the Université catholique de Louvain with

Prof. Jean-Jacques Quisquater. I worked there on the NESSIE European project (see www.cryptonessie.org)

1998--2000: Postdoctorate at the National University of Singapore with Prof. Kwok Yan Lam

1994-1998: PhD Thesis (Dean’s honour list) The Order of Vanishing of $L$-functions at the Centre of the Critical Strip under the supervision of Prof. Ram Murty (McGill)

1988-1993: Laurea (summa cum laude) Approssimanti di Padé nella teoria analitica dei numeri under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Viola (University of Pisa and Scuola Normale Superiore)